Pobitro Eid-ul- Fitr udjapone “O Mon Romjaner Oi Rojar Sheshe ”- Yasmin Mushtari er ei gaanti set korun aponar ring back tune hishebe. Song Code (GP, Airtel, TT, Robi)- 2844545, BL- 5301103.



CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) is a service that allows you to set a song, tone, music, funny messages or sounds as a Ring-Back Tone for your callers. You can set CRBT/RBT for all your callers, while they wait for you to pick up the call. At Joshbox, we have a variety of pop, rock, classical & folk songs in both Bangla & Hindi.

Having its contribution in the VAS world, JoshBox is tied up with all 6 mobile operators in Bangladesh and also with most prominent & top ranking Music Labels and artists of the country.

To get your favorite CRBT click on the below links:

For Robi users: http://www.joshbox.com.bd/goongoon-all/

For GP users: http://www.joshbox.com.bd/welcometune.htm