Pobitro Eid-ul- Fitr udjapone “O Mon Romjaner Oi Rojar Sheshe ”- Yasmin Mushtari er ei gaanti set korun aponar ring back tune hishebe. Song Code (GP, Airtel, TT, Robi)- 2844545, BL- 5301103.


Company Profile

M.M. Services Limited is a joint venture company with Menang Mobile Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia. It has started its operations in Bangladesh in 2006 with the brand name Joshbox. Joshbox is a sister concern of iGroup in Bangladesh and it has engaged itself with the business of the mobile and internet content & value added services and solutions.

As a Value Added Service provider, Joshbox is a company which is connected with the country’s 6 mobile operators as well as with most numbers of Malaysian and Singapore mobile operators and some Middle Eastern mobile operators. This gives Joshbox the capability to provide numerous Value Added Services to the mobile subscribers like SMS Push-Pull, Bulk SMS, SMS Quiz, SMS registration, SMS Queries, SMS Based Content Deployment, IVR Based Content Deployment & Distribution, WAP Based Content and Query Application Deployment & Distribution and many more.


Our Mission

To strengthen existing partnerships and to create new business opportunities by application of skill, knowledge, system, innovation and creativity founded on belief and passion.